Rigid Tactical provides operations, intelligence and training support services in the below competencies. We ensure our subject matter experts (SME) are the very best in these competencies. Our clients benefit from the success of our rigorous recruitment, assessment and selection process. We keep our teammates through our company’s unmatched benefits and compensation policy. We match our SMEs to seamlessly enhance our client’s team.

Tactical Marksmanship

Our SMEs help develop operator confidence by achieving a balance of speed, accuracy and safety during the tactical application of marksmanship skills.   Our courses include


Rigid Tactical’s SMEs leverage their significant access and placement with stakeholders in the CIED community to provide expertise to client’s pre-deployment, routine and emergent training


Our SMEs are experts in Combat Exploitation and Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE). They have a deep understanding of the process, Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTP’s)


Rigid Tactical HME courses are designed to safely build EOD, HAZMAT, Law Enforcement, and Operator confidence and proficiency. We have an impeccable safety and long

CWMD/Counter Proliferation/Consequence Management

Attacks utilizing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) pose a real and evolving threat to the United States and our allies.  Countering the global use of WMD’s

Clandestine Methods of Entry (CMOE)

Rigid Tactical offers our clients several options for tactical solutions to Covert Entries. We work with the client to customize our courses to meet their


Rigid Tactical SME’s have extraordinary in-depth experience with Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).  We understand the intricacies of layered ISR platforms within the Air, Land

Network Engagement/Attack the Network

Network Engagement, an evolution of Attack the Network (AtN) changes a commander’s focus towards identifying, defining and effectively interacting with friendly and neutral networks while

Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Train or conduct DOD compliant TVA’s Assist businesses with Infrastructure Protection DOD TVAM: Our SME’s conduct Threat Vulnerability and Advisory Missions (TVAM) using the standardized

Offensive and Defensive CYBER

Rigid Tactical has teamed with SENSEPOST, the Vanguard of the Cyber industry to provide Cyber Services to DOD clients.  Our cyber team integrates user requirements