Maritime Division

Welcome to our Maritime Division, where our special operations experts source and tailor training support vessels to meet the needs of our most discreet customers.  

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Rigid Tactical understands the complex nature of maritime security and the nation’s need for expertly trained counter-terrorism forces.  With many of our large cities resting near large waterways, there are always persistent maritime threats that must be addressed.  We are proud to offer our Maritime Support Vessel division, providing our elite forces with access to a myriad of training target vessels.

“We provide the most realistic and relevant Maritime training solutions for the most demanding and elite U.S. Special Operations Forces” – Leon Ellul, President, Rigid Tactical

Our tactical training vessels meet all the needs of maritime special operations training requirements.  They test the forces in their abilities to successfully board, clear, and search the vessels via both small boats and helicopter support missions.  We can provide small and large-scale training vessels on the US east and west coasts, as well as outside the continental United States.  When chartered, these ships provide full access to all spaces, which best facilitates realistic maritime training scenarios.  All of our tactical training vessels also come with select liaison officers from Rigid Tactical.  These experts are former members of special operations and they manage the crew while ensuring trainig units remain separated from uncleared personnel.  They also assist in facilitating training exercises, so our customers can maximize their time while onboard.

We possess past-performance supplying Afloat Forward Staging Bases (AFSBs) to special operations forces.  These vessels can support up to 90 personnel for up to two months unsupported.  Equipped with the latest in navigation and communications technology, AFSBs can move internationally and remain onsite for extended periods to support operations.  They come with certified helicopter pads, cranes for onloading and offloading sensitive items, as well as routinely being dynamic positioning capable.  With the ability to launch and recover small boats and conduct at-sea equipment and personnel transfers, our AFSBs enable special operations units to remain far away from crowded sea ports.  These ships also facilitate the launch and recovery of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), greatly increasing the capabilities of our discreet embarked customers.

Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs) bring unique capabilities to transport sensitive equipment and personnel to operational or training locations.  They typically can carry up to 25 personnel and have deck space for sea containers, storage units, vehicles, or other containerized-type units.  These vessel are ideal for supporting UAS operations from over-the-horizon, where a reduced signature is maintained during sensitive operations.  We are able to move and supply OSVs anywhere on the globe, and they can operate unsupported for up to 45 days.  Rigid has experience sourcing OSVs for special operations forces, as well as experience conducting successful aerial resupplies at-sea.  All of our OSVs are carefully selected to meet the exact operational requirements and they are surveyed by our maritime experts.      

All of our customers train for high-risk maritime operations that require the most advanced preparation opportunities.  Here at Rigid Tactical we are sourcing the best and most relevant Maritime Support Vessels available, in order to prepare our interdiction teams and keep our country safe and secure.  These platforms enable elite military, law enforcement, and Coast Guard boarding teams to prepare for their challenging missions, by experiencing realistic training solutions that are unmatched by our competitors.

Nowhere else can you find a company with such vast experience in maritime counter-terrorism, which also provides the training opportunities so many of our units desire and demand.  With boarding teams across multiple military services, to law enforcement and Coast Guard units, we understand the capabilities and training requirements of each domain.  We utilize this knowledge to construct maritime training solutions which are second to none.  From daily options, to weekly charter contracts, we put our team to work for you so your teams can receive training that exceeds expectations.  

Our goal is to help keep our waterways safe and secure, and through persistent quality training for maritime forces we can achieve this objective.  Finding vulnerabilities is easy, but preparing for the worst is extremely difficult.  Rigid Tactical is here to assist all maritime units in order to determine the best-fit training solution.  Each vessel comes with its own challenges, and we make them available so customers can focus on training their forces.  Additionally, we also offer cleared role-players for organizations that desire to experience a more realistic event.  

Men and women of the United States are protecting us each and every day, but in order to effectively do their jobs they also require the best and most modern training.  Conducting hostile maritime boardings is one of the highest risk missions our forces can execute, and these operations can occur with little or no notice.  They train for these tasks day and night, and throughout the year, rehearsing their tactics and procedures for when the nation calls.  We’re passionate about providing vessels that enable our forces to better prepare, because we understand how difficult and dangerous their missions really are.  

Our unique maritime special operations background is not limited to large-scale training solutions.  Through very specialized operational experience, we are able to offer select US Special Operations units with advanced maritime solutions.  We possess former special operations boat captains who are experts in navigation, communications, vessel procurement, nonstandard vessel signature reduction, piloting, and they carry credentials up to 500 ton National Master Mariner.  We offer these professionals to help build greater special operations capabilities, where vessel type can mean the difference between mission success and mission failure.

Offshore Vessels

Offshore nonstandard vessels permit extended range and they can operate in areas which are otherwise inaccessible to overt military craft.  They possess significant fuel capacities and are able to endure higher sea states than other nonstandard vessel types.

Extended Range

Our experts are also certified to captain larger sailing vessels, and they are certified through the American Sailing Association (ASA).  These vessel are ideal for covering large unsupported distances, where operational requirements entail a lack of resupply options and extended time durations.

Coastal Access

Motor yachts are internationally recognized for their coastal usage.  Their low draft signature and speed capabilities permit access near-shore waters and they can accommodate large or small groups of personnel.  With the latest in rader, communications, and navigation equipment, these are ideal for shorter duration activities where speed and accuracy are extremely important.

Our staff consists of seasoned career special operations professionals, who are ready to address your unit’s needs and design tailored training solutions.  Rigid Tactical’s fleet of support vessels is extensive, and we are able to source ships which meet all training requirements.  We look forward to working with those responsible for defending our maritime environment.  Please contact us today for pricing and scheduling.