Offensive and Defensive CYBER

Rigid Tactical has teamed with SENSEPOST, the Vanguard of the Cyber industry to provide Cyber Services to DOD clients.  Our cyber team integrates user requirements into viable solutions by understanding the needs of our clients. We then conceptualize, integrate and deliver on time and within budget. Our Cyber capabilities include:

  • Cyber Consultation
  • Internet Footprinting
  • Red Teaming
  • Goal Oriented Pen testing
  • Encryption
  • Network Support
  • Training and Education in Cyber Operations

Courses include:

  • Cadet Offensive Cyber Operations
  • Journeyman Offensive Cyber Operations
  • Master Offensive Cyber Operations
  • Culmination Exercise
  • Developer
  • Mobile
  • Infrastructure
  • Wireless
  • Individual Digital Practices