How do we prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction world wide.

The gravest danger our Nation faces lies at the crossroads of radicalism and technology.  Our enemies have openly declared that they are seeking weapons of mass destruction, and evidence indicates that they are doing so with determination.

The United States will not allow these efforts to succeed. …  History will judge harshly those who saw this coming danger, but failed to act. In the new world we have entered, the only path to peace and security is the path of action.
President George W. Bush

How do we prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction worldwide? (more…)

What are we doing to prevent the radicalization of Americans?

Homegrown Jihadist Terrorists: The Problem

“Homegrown” is the term that describes terrorist activity or plots perpetrated within the United States or abroad by American citizens, legal permanent residents, or visitors radicalized largely within the United States. The term “jihadist” describes radicalized individuals using Islam as an ideological and/or religious justification for their belief in the establishment of a global caliphate, or jurisdiction governed by a Muslim civil and religious leader known as a caliph. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) estimates that there have been 63 homegrown violent jihadist plots or attacks in the United States since September 11, 2001.  As part of a much discussed apparent expansion of terrorist activity in the United States, from May 2009 through December 2012, arrests were made for 42 “homegrown,” jihadist-inspired terrorist plots by American citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States. Two of these resulted in attacks. Most of the 2009-2012 homegrown plots likely reflect a trend in jihadist terrorist activity away from schemes directed by core members of significant terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda. (more…)

In today’s world how do we protect critical infrastructure in the US IE Airports, Bus Stations, Train Stations, Food Supplies.

After 9/11 the US government’s response to protect critical infrastructure throughout the country was to inact the Homeland Security Act.  The primary mission of the Homeland Security Act is to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce the vulnerability to terrorism, minimize damage and assist in recovery from a terrorist attack that may occur in the United States.  This Act allowed the development of  the Department of Homeland Security. The Homeland Security Act provides the Homeland Security Secretary with the authority to direct and control investigations and access information needed to prevent terrorism. (more…)