Rigid Tactical HME courses are designed to safely build EOD, HAZMAT, Law Enforcement, and Operator confidence and proficiency.

We have an impeccable safety and long past-performance record in HME training and are certified to operate in all 50 states.  Our HME COIs are customized to our client’s requirements.  Our training is exportable to the customer, dependent on demo ranges.

Courses include:

  • Drug/HME lab differentiation course
    Designed to educate personnel on the differences of Drug and HME laboratories and operations to counter both.
  • HME Production Course
    Allows operators to understand the production of HME by creating secondary explosives.
  • HME in IEDs course
    Specifically designed for the weaponized HME IED.  Emphasizes identification, render safe and post-blast analysis.
  • Mobile Labs course:
    We create mobile facilities enabled to blend, synthesize and manufacture a variety of the end products for chemical, biological and homemade explosives (HME). These labs replicate the look and functionality of the labs being encountered in-theater and abroad.  They contain all equipment, raw material & paraphernalia indigenous to the country specified.