Individual Digital Practices Course

Individual actions for collective defense is a concept fundamental to security.

Cyberspace and digital networks such as WiFi, LTE and 4G enable society to become more connected every day but are largely ungoverned. Your organization invest significant resources

to protect its digital infrastructure and the information it contains. Despite the efforts of IT security experts, many digital threats to organizations are introduced by unwitting employee action. Your employees use personal cell phones, tablets, or laptops at home or in public spaces like coffee shops and hotels daily. By doing this, they unknowingly produce a digital “footprint”, which can be exploited through various techniques to infiltrate your organization.

Rigid Tactical’s Individual Digital Practices (IDP) course educates and empowers your employees to achieve a level of cyber anonymity. IDP was developed through a “red cell” approach and is conducted in small facilitated groups. Your employees focus on understanding the digital environment, their digital footprints and how these vulnerabilities can be exploited. Employees are provided easy-to-use tools and conduct practical labs to prepare their own personal computers and mobile devices to simply, appropriately, and repeatedly balance communication and security needs. This action reduces your employees’ vulnerability, and increases your organization’s collective defense.

Specific Course Topics include:

  • Intro to Cyberspace
  • Understanding the Digital Threat
  • Your Digital Attack Surface
  • Malicious Vectors of attack
  • Fundamentals of Security
  • Mobile Devices
  • IOS and Android Security Threats
  • Email Encryption

Training is available at our Virginia Beach facility (preferred) or we can come to you. We first conduct a consultation to understand your needs and then provide a targeted syllabus with competitive pricing.

For information or to request a consultation and quote, email:

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Company/Agency name and address.
  • Point of contact’s name, email address and phone number.
  • Requested training date (8 Hours is normal block of training)
  • Number of personnel to be trained (preferred Student /Facilitator ratio is 8:1)

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