Our services are designed specifically to address the demands of our customers.  From one-day training programs for handguns, to five-day tactical events which test and refine your capabilities, we are here to serve those who prepare for ambiguous situations.

Advanced Training

For the Expert

For those who seek to improve their shooting style and skills, we offer programs and instructors with unmatched capabilities.  With a two-to-one student / instructor ratio, we are able to focus on every aspect of your particular shooting style.


Franklin, Virginia

Located near historic Franklin, Virginia, our range facility is one hour from Norfolk Airport and close to lodging and dining options.  You can spend your days on the range and recharge close by, enabling you to maximize your training time.

Basic Instruction

For Beginners

Rigid Tactical understands every shooter is different.  From moving drills to static basic handgun familiarization, we possess career special operations instructors who facilitate your training.  Our beginner handgun course is designed to make you a proficient and confident weapons owner, teaching you the skills required to operate safely and effectively.

Being designed by Special Operations combat veterans, our range facility is being constructed with stationary and reactive target training areas.  Here we can hone the basic weapons handling and marksmanship, in order to produce profound results when under stress.


Development and construction is currently underway, and we are taking training reservations for 2021 now.  We will be offering both covered and uncovered ranges, to keep you dry when weather does not cooperate.  Pneumatic steel targets with vehicle facades will be available by next spring.


With decades of shooting experience, our experts provide the most relevant and impactful training experiences.  Course programs offer both classroom and practical application of learning objectives, where we demonstrate the principles and teach you how to employ them.  The Basic Instruction curriculum will take you from beginner to highly capable in four days, covering topics like: sight picture, grip, trigger squeeze, and body position, to engaging multiple targets.

Handgun Course

Four days of classroom and practical exercises conducted on the range.  This course is developed by former Special Operations experts to teach you the fundamentals of handgun shooting.  Everything from the beginner level up to seasoned shooters, this program is designed to make you better in all aspects of handgun proficiency.  We focus on safety, confidence, and mastering the techniques required for personal protection.

Rifle Course

Taught by career Special Operations combat veterans, we take our knowledge and construct rifle courses which meet your needs.  Our rifle program covers everything from static shooting, to moving drills that teach weapons manipulation techniques for maintaining accuracy.  We’ll start by assessing your particular skill levels, and then hone fundamentals which will improve speed and reduce missed shots.

Vehicle Operations

We never know when or where a potentially dangerous situation will present itself, this is why we prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  Our vehicle operations course places you inside the car, teaching you how to react when faced with threats.  We cover shooting from the vehicle, reloading on the move, and gaining cover positions in order to protect others.  Don’t be unprepared for these extremely challenging situations, contact us and will teach you how to survive.

All of our programs are designed to teach you how to survive in dangerous environments.  Today we face many challenges, and one of them is maintaining the safety of those around us.  From the novice to the expert, we have tactical expertise on hand to improve your skills and raise your threat awareness.  Contact us today and we will help you be the hard target.


From the best Law Enforcement and Military teams, to the new firearms owner, we stand ready to assist you and your training needs.  Please contact us to discuss scheduling and pricing of our programs.  We make them affordable, and deliver professionally for our customers.