Rigid Tactical’s career Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal experts are force multipliers in the most hazardous conditions during complex special operations.  This staff of combat seasoned experts provides the most relevant instruction and practical application exercises in order to counter modern threats.  They utilize decades of special operations experience to create dynamic scenarios which enhance your capabilities.  Do not compromise when seeking advanced training solutions for your explosive ordnance disposal teams, our teams ensure your deployed personnel operate safely and effectively.

Master EOD

All of our EOD experts have attained the highest level of certifications possible within the most selective and advanced special operations counter-terrorism units.  These critical skills enable our professionals to design and manage conventional, non-conventional, improvised, and mass-casualty threats encountered across the globe.  We leverage decades of experience in austere conditions to prepare forces for identifying and defeating hostile actions.

Ordnance Disposal

Techniques & Procedures

Explosive Ordnance Disposal requires continuous safety protocols to ensure guaranteed success.  We focus on leadership and training methods that produce technicians who adhere to proven procedures, enhancing the capabilities of special operations.

Combat Experienced

Applying Lessons Learned

With countless deployments to high-threat environments, our staff leverages the experience to create effective and efficient training programs for military special operations and law enforcement EOD communities.

Advanced Robotics

Technology Innovation

Whether our customers are searching for basic combat disposal training & oversight, to advanced robotics or other classified defeat systems, our experts operate with currency and relevant experience to develop programs which meet all demands.

Our EOD-centric services are unmatched in the current industry.  Every customer has unique requirements, and we apply the expertise of career officer and senior enlisted EOD subject matter experts for tailoring specific service solutions.  We assess the needs and operational application of sensitive training programs to ensure unit commanders receive the latest in technology and innovative procedures.  How you train and develop EOD teams will determine their success when asked to perform.  Rigid has the tools necessary to prepare special operations forces for future challenges.

EOD Helo Cast

Our business is supporting U.S. SOF communities in their pursuit of advanced methods for offensive and defensive measures.  We understand the agile nature of special operations maneuver elements, and we apply a leadership perspective that is derived from direct participation in thousands of combat operations.  Rigid Tactical provides full-time and contractor experts to many SOCOM entities, offering the highest caliber professionals for sustaining superior performance.

EOD Disposal Detonation

Contact us today and we will begin assessing your EOD needs.  Meeting emerging demands head-on will ensure your teams are ready for what they will experience in high-threat areas around the world.