Aviation Division

Welcome to our Aviation Division.  We provide the most unique air services available, by offering former special operations aviators who are experts in sensitive activities requirements.  

Sunset illuminating a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan float plane.

Rigid Tactical is proud to be expanding our capabilities with additional special operations support programs.   The Aviation Division was created to meet the demands of our customers.  These demands often require aircraft and personnel to support sensitive activities, and we provide cleared aircrews who successfully accomplish those missions.   From Cessna 208 Grand Caravans, Beechcraft Super Twin Airs, and Bell 407 helicopters, we source our aviation assets to perfectly fit each requirement.

Cessna 208 Caravan 1 G-GOHI Rusol Air Headcorn Parachute Club landing on grass runway at Headcorn Airfield

Rigid Tactical is a leader in special operations aviation support .

Supporting air operations requires unique capabilities, and we have the expertise and assets to make those operations succeed.  Our pilots are certified in parachute operations, providing our customers with the ability to get their operators where they need to go.  Perfect for inserting small teams of personnel, our Cessna Grand Caravans are ideal for parachuting elements into their objective.  

All of our pilots are seasoned aviators, with commercial multi-engine instrument airplane pilot ratings.  This enables us to react quickly to emerging requirements, as they understand the complex nature of special operations aviation support.  Whether you’re transporting sensitive equipment, moving personnel, or conducting parachute operations, Rigid Tactical has you covered.

The Beechcraft Super King Airs are perfect for transport personnel and equipment fast.  Their twin engine profile allows them to carry a higher payload, travel longer ranges, and at a speed of over 300 knots.  If you need to get somewhere rapidly, this is the aircraft of choice we provide.  Being parachute operations capable, these aircraft may also be utilized to insert your specialized teams.       

We possess an unmatched understanding of special operations aviation support.  Our pilots assess each customer’s request to determine the best-fit for capabilities and airframes.  Following a free consultation, our experts create a usable economical solution that meets your needs.

Rotary wing operations come with their own complexities, and they require expert aviators to achieve mission success.  We source our helicopter pilots from the best the military has to offer, ensuring our customers and delivered safe and on time.  From maritime applications, to land-based activities, we can provide helicopters and aircrews to accomplish your missions.  These assets can also support parachute operations when required, and they are an excellent platform for moving special operations teams safely and securely.  

Our staff consists of seasoned career special operations professionals, who are ready to address your unit’s needs and design tailored solutions.  Rigid Tactical’s fleet of available aviation assets is extensive, and we are able to source aircraft which meet your demands.  Please contact us today for pricing and scheduling.