Cyber COIs

Training and Education

Offensive Cyber Warfare Course (OCW)

OCW provides training for National Cyber Security Operators and interagency units operating in global, digital environments in line with 2015 National Security Strategy (NSS) and the ARSOF 2022 Vision.

OCW learning objectives focus on Force Protection and Operational Security (OPSEC) with increased situational awareness (SA) in the Publicly Available Information (PAI) domain.

This module introduces standard industry language and tools. Students will gain an understanding of the capabilities that adversaries possess. Students will learn how to think like an adversary and how to employ appropriate cyber warfare approaches and methodologies.

Modular Training Environment

The OCW is adaptable to match the skill level of attending students, in order to produce skilled Cyber Operators. Continuing education after course completion is available. The course is segmented into three distinct modules that build into a culmination exercise.

Module 1: Cadet (1 Week)

Strategic Partnership to provide Full Spectrum Cyber Warfare Training and Operational Training

Module 2: Journeyman (1 Week)

This module demonstrates how the physical domain maps to the digital realm and how it can be used to an operator’s advantage. Students will be able to exploit network architecture.

PreReq: successful completion of Cadet module


Module 3: Master (1 Week)

This module harnesses the foundational knowledge learned in the previous modules and expands on these techniques. Operators will be able to perform operational roles while maintaining high ethical standards.

PreReq: successful completion of Journeyman module

Culmination Exercise (CULEX) (3 Day)

The final CULEX is a three-day exercise. All previous modules are exercised in individual and team scenarios. Students will use cyber tools to discover and protectively hunt a synthetic terrorist cell which is planning to execute a physical attack.

Internet Self -Paced Training in A Secure Environment

Rigid Tactical is now partnered with Sensepost, the Cyber industry leader, to offer online cyber training in a secure environment. These courses can be taken a la carte to maintain and maximize Cyber Security Operator skills.

Training Portal

The OCW training infrastructure is in our own cloud, accessed through our Virtual Private Network. Students will interact with trainers, keep updated on content and download all files, slides and tools delivered during the course. This portal is made available to all students, with continued access after graduation. Students have individual environments to test against, including using VPN’s and against numerous targets. This provides a fully immersive experience of attacking highly realistic synthetic cyber architecture and networks.

Additional Cyber Training

  • Beginner
  • Developer
  • Mobile
  • Infrastructure
  • Wireless

Examples of Internet self-paced training modules
Operational Support

  • Security Assessments
  • Internet Foot Printing
  • Goal-Oriented Pentesting
  • Red Teaming
  • Wireless
  • Mobile Security