TAAC Counter Corruption Advisor (Signing Bonus)

Position Description:

The TAAC will Train Advise Assist Command (TAAC) Counter Corruption Advisor is a member of a liaison detachment that coordinates and liaises with Afghan Security Forces, Counter Corruption Targeting Staff, and TAAC personnel.

TAACs are member of a liaison detachment responsible for daily direct coordination and liaison with Afghan Security Forces, Counter Corruption Targeting Staff, and Train Advise Assist Command (TAAC) personnel. Conducts briefings to key leaders and coordinates activities between various governmental agencies while maintaining a strong relationship with the TAAC HQs. Analyzes complex problems and synchronizes TAAC regional efforts towards counter-corruption. Completes required personal weapons qualification prior to deployment.

Required Skills:

Active TS/SCI clearance. Seven years of military or law enforcement experience. One year of deployment experience in Afghanistan or Iraq. One year of military, law enforcement, or judicial advisory experience. Medically deployable.

Desired Skills:

Knowledge and experience dealing with counter-corruption, counter-narcotics, or threat finance.   Experience as a Law Enforcement Professional (LEP); member of an Embedded Training Team or Police Mentor Team in Afghanistan; Task Force 2010; the Combined Joint Interagency Task Force-Afghanistan (CJIATF-A); CJIATF-Shafafiyat; or CJIATF-Nexus; Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction; or other counter corruption organization.

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