Instructional Systems Administrative Support

Job Title: Instructional Systems Administrative Support
Position: Fulltime Position
Location: JEB Fort Story, VA or other as required
Clearance: SECRET
Rigid Tactical is seeking Instructional Systems Administrative professionals to support EOD Training, Formal Course Reviews (FCR), and Course Relevancy Reviews (CRR) which insure content currency and accuracy of training materials.  The Instructional Systems Subject Matter Expert (SME) will study course technical material, and participate in training site visits to ascertain and validate the scope and content of Basic and Advanced Training courses and compliance with High-Risk training safety administrative requirements.

Responsibilities/Required Skills

Provides Technical and Administrative support for the EOD Training and Evaluation Unit TWO Learning Standards Office (LSO) personnel and Division Instructors during all new curriculum development activities and ongoing curriculum maintenance, as required by current EOD Group ONE and TWO Curriculum Control Authority (CCA) directives.

Provide Subject Matter Expertise in validating Basic and Advanced Training curriculum and related training materials including course Enabling Objectives (EO) & Training Objectives (TO) for currency and relevance. Materials include self-contained training products such as training aids, methods, plans, etc.

Provide administrative support for all EODTEU Formal Course Reviews (FCR) and Course Relevancy Reviews (CRR) which insure content currency and accuracy.

As SME, study course technical material and participate in training site visits to ascertain and validate the scope and content of Basic and Advanced Training courses and compliance with High Risk training safety administrative requirements.

Assist the EOD TEU TWO LSO personnel and various Course Supervisors during the development or review the Knowledge and Performance Test Plans and grading criteria for all approved courses and courses in development.  They will gather performance test results and grading criteria to assist the EODTEU TWO LSO in reviewing and assessing student knowledge in order to maintain and recommend validation of assigned courses.

Analyze and compile course data from various collection instruments such as student interviews, questionnaires, critiques, and instructor evaluations for inclusion into subsequent course revisions and potential course development requirements.

Participate in EOD TEU TWO Basic and Advanced Training special projects such as pilot programs, functional process improvement teams, and curriculum development working groups.

Participate in instructor technique evaluations for course instructor certification.

Monitor the administrative requirements for all EODTEU TWO staff training and maintain Master Training Specialist (MTS) qualification training records.

Provide technical assistance to the course supervisors in the documentation requirements of changes and updates to curriculum and the approval and implementation process. Ensure compliance with the technical requirements, accuracy, and completeness of documentation as required by the established Curriculum Control Authority (CCA) directives.

Assist the EODTEU TWO divisions in the collection and proper reporting of their training user data, course grading and student evaluation programs. Provide post-curriculum delivery reports and collate course information in a format that the EODTEU LSO can review for overall instruction and learning improvement.

Provide administrative support to the EODTEU TWO LSO by inputting technical data received from Subject Matter Experts into the AIM II software program and to assist in the development of training curriculum and materials.

Input the documented course record information as required in the Corporate Enterprise Training Activity Resource System (CeTARS) program subsequent to formal course reviews and validation, and report those findings to the EODTEU TWO LSO.

Required Experience and Education:

  • Minimum of five (5) years of curriculum development (Plan, Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate Phases) and management experience.
  • Master Training Specialist (MTS) or equivalent certification from cognizant DoD authority.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Program skills (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Proficient in Authoring Instruction Materials (AIM II) and Corporate Enterprise Training Activity Resource System (CETARS) programs.

Physical Requirements

A psychological evaluation is required for all personnel assigned, particularly those of high-risk nature and/or sensitivity of the scope of work (e.g. Combat Shooting, etc).

Moderate physical exertion such as standing, walking over rough, uneven, or rocky surfaces – requiring bending, crouching, stooping, reaching, or similar activities in all types of weather conditions ranging from very hot (110 F summer) to very cold (30 F winter).

Lifting of items up to 50 lbs., such as tools, small arm weapons and inert ordnance items.

Desired Skills

Previous deployment experience with US military, Department of State, or law enforcement.

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