Counter UAS Intelligence Analyst

Job Title: Counter UAS Intelligence Analyst
Location: Reston, VA
Position: Fulltime (Please apply online or send resume to


As a Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems CUAS Intelligence Analyst, you will provide embedded and reach back support to Improvised Threat and C-UAS efforts and operations executed by committed war fighting units and foreign partners.

You will provide specialized multi-intelligence analysis, fusion and vulnerability assessments to understand and mitigate the threat posed by UAS to deployed US Forces, Partner nations, and critical infrastructure.

You will provide multi-intelligence analysis and assessments that integrates existing national-level products and databases to define patterns of threat and UAS network activity and narrow the search space to conduct counter-threat and C-UAS operations.

As required, you will interact directly with the supported Combatant Commands, deployed intelligence consumers, foreign partners, and the Community of Interest during the development of intelligence products to meet Command, unit and subordinate element intelligence requests for information and inform a variety of activities to protect critical infrastructure.

As required, you will plan, develop, and deliver tailored intelligence capabilities and tools training to supported intelligence consumers and partners and participate in the development and fielding of tactics, tools and techniques that enhance the organization’s ability to effectively mitigate the UAS threat.

More About the Role:

While deployed, you will embed with the supported CCMD, deployed war fighters, and partner nations to assist operational and tactical commanders, The AOC, their staffs and subordinate units with fusing operations and intelligence information to enhance their effectiveness against UAS threats and associated threat networks. You will identify and analyze problems, and generate recommended solutions based upon experience working with elements of the DOD, interagency and international partners. Deployments are 90 days in length to Ramstein, Germany with 9 months providing reach back support.

While providing reach back support, you will directly support embedded teammates; answer requests for support from other CCMDs and tactical units; and work closely with a wide variety of units, institutions, and partners. You will assist with pre-deployment training/preparation, conduct professional development within the Rigid Tactical Joint Analytical Support Team, and mentor new members of the team to ensure they are ready to deploy and succeed.

You will work closely with other members of your team to identify capabilities and vulnerabilities of targeted enemy organizations; identify trends, patterns, and key nodes; and highlight their relationships to the targeted enemy networks.


  • Current Top Secret/Specialized Compartmented Information Security Clearance.
  • More than one year of deployed Intelligence analysis experience within the EUCOM or CENTCOM AOR.
  • You must also possess the ability to effectively communicate both orally and in writing.
  • You should be able to provide daily feedback to the team lead on product development.
  • Be deployable to the required theater of operations, usually conducting periodic travel within CONUS and three-to-four month deployments and TDY to OCONUS locations.
  • Willing to work rotating shifts if needed – that may include nights and weekends.
  • Bachelor’s degree and more than three years of experience, or an associate’s degree and five years of experience, or seven years of relevant work experience. We will also consider candidates with four years of directly relevant experience.


  • More than three years of experience conducting network analysis in support of C-UAS, attack the network or CT operations – including counter-facilitation.
  • More than three years of experience providing some combination of C-UAS, C-IED or Asymmetric threat intelligence analysis support.
  • More than ten years of military experience, and/or a combination of military and IC Agency experience, including recent combat deployments, and be well-versed in all areas of military intelligence.
  • Expert understanding of network analysis tools such as Analyst Notebook and Palantir.
  • Expert understanding of advanced tools to include the use of Voltron, MIST and other related intelligence tool suites.
  • Expert understanding of Intel-related databases such as M3, TAC, NCTC Online, TIDE, ICReach Cultweave, PROTON, and related SIGINT Databases.
  • Practical understanding of geospatial Intel tools such as ArcGIS and Google Earth.
  • Practical understanding of analysis of unstructured, complex, Big Data sets.
  • Must be able to work independently with some government oversight and function effectively as part of a team in a joint working environment.

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