SOF Operations Integrator

Location: RT is seeking former SOF/EOD Techs to fill critical full time positions in Herndon, Va. Responsibilities:  The Operations Integrator interacts directly with the warfighter/requestor and the customer during the development of intelligence products that respond to requests. The Operations Integrator actively coordinates the support packages provided to meet unit and subordinate element operational requirements. [...]

Joint Expeditionary Team (JET)

Rigid Tactical is seeking Senior Operational Specialists/Training Subject Matter Experts to provide direct support to the Army, Marine and other US Joint Forces to serve as members of a multi-discipline team performing tasks directly related to the Global War on Terrorism, focused on countering Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). These positions are full time positions and [...]

SOF Intelligence Integrator

Location: Reston, VA Responsibilities: Rigid Tactical is currently seeking Special Operations Forces (SOF) Intelligence Integrators to serve on a unique, multi-discipline team assisting Special Operations Forces’ (SOF) operational and tactical commanders, their staffs and their subordinate units with fusing operations and intelligence information in an effective, seamless process to enhance their effectiveness against threat networks [...]